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DocShell® Office is the solution for any business or individual who wants to be organized. The DocShell® Office document management solution includes a full color USB receipt scanner combined with the powerful and user friendly DocShell® Office software that scans, captures and processes documents in no time.


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Intelligent Data Capturing

DocShell® Office, brought to you by Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN), is a user friendly and intelligent document management solution that includes a receipt scanner and enables you to automatically capture and process not only your receipts into electronic format but all of your office paper including checks, business cards and any other documents you choose.

Intelligent OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

The advanced OCR features of DocShell® Office quickly and efficiently recognizes key data from your documents and stores it in a database (Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express) which can be sorted and organized into usable and valuable information at the click of a mouse.

DocShell® Office offers you efficiency, accuracy and the ability to do all this and much, much, more…